About our virtual and personal assistant services

PA To Go Ltd was set up in March 2013 and continues to grow and develop a range of clients and services. The concept was to let the client decide if it was a Personal Assistant, Virtual PA or mixture of both that they needed. We provide independent professional, reliable and confidential, personal assistant services to all our clients whether large organisations, executives based at home or individuals.

We use a range of technologies to work with our clients including Skype, emails, telephone and Face Time. This enables us to have a meeting with clients without the need to travel. We do of course travel wherever the client needs us to go, locally, nationally and internationally if required.

We have a number of experienced and trusted locally based PA’s and admin staff who work independently who have previously been colleagues who we have a strong relationship with.


We are thrilled to announce that we are supporting the Natalie Kate Moss Trust.

For more details of the wonderful work they are doing see their website http://www.nataliekatemoss.co.uk/about-us/


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About Sandy

With over 30 years in administration, office support roles, Executive Assistant Roles, Sandy has supported teams, individuals, senior executives and charity Boards, in extremely varied roles often encompassing decision making, line management and cover for support staff. Sandy has a wide experience of working with organisations in the global environment.

About Jane

Jane has 30 years experience across a wide field of businesses in both the public and private sector.

These include Managerial and Administration in numerous roles such as Consultation and Community Engagement, Governance, Best Value and workforce reform, Committees, Training support, HR Administration, Events organisation, Focus Groups and much more.

Her background includes Strategic Support in large Public Sector to City Centre Retail Management.


Currently working with a variety of clients including Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Bioscience for Farming in Africa, Smart Villages, a small local charity, a not-for-profit organisation, several small businesses and a distinguished author.

Sandy Evans
Company Owner