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The last two weeks have been busy, here is a taster of what we did. We were holding the fort @grangesideworkspace for 4 days – definitely worth checking out if you are looking for new office space, it has been refurbished and has a great feel to it; working with a client setting up international calls in New Zealand and USA in a short timeframe – ZOOM is my new favourite app; helping with the logistics and calls for another training session a client is running; working with the @SWLEP. We headed to London for a day, the Cotswolds another day for a client – a beautiful drive there in the sunshine. Such a variety of places and clients, PA and VA work – we love our jobs!

Helping clients finding new ways of working is always good, it helps us learn new technologies too. We believe it is good to learn something new every day, and most days I think we do.

We finished last week attending a breakfast at @glovefactory, being hosted by the inspirational Joanna Watchman @WorkInMindHQ, it was a great talk and we came away with lots of ideas.

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