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This was the first time we had been to the Box Business Breakfast. It was a civilised start at 8.00am, and the turn out was very good.

The event is a monthly meeting at The Northey Arms, Box, and extremely well supported.

After breakfast and the guest presentation, it was great to have time to get to know some of the other guests:

Louise Carver – Consulting, Beverley Youdan – Coaching, Simon Tyler – HighLight Media (our Host), Patsy Taylor – Emtone Printing Services, Jane Latham – Commercial Legal Services, Kirsty Pristo – Westminster Insurance, Kirsty Lockwood – Upholstery. Great to meet you all!

Then onto the day’s business – Arrange executive transport to the airport for one client, check incoming emails for three others, and then meet up with Claire Annello to hear more about Connect & Grow. Back home to do a little more work for the SWLEP, review our diaries for the week ahead, and scheduling in support time for potential new clients.

A busy and satisfying day!

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