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PA To Go were there on Thursday 23 April….

The Salisbury Big Business Event aka #SBBE15 and @SalisburyBBE

The order of the day…..

Interactive seminar with Thomas Power…tweet tweet…. hearing that we need to be “open, random and supportive”, to succeed on social media – study, test, check!

Coffee, pastries and beautiful fresh fruit were most welcome!

Quick browse around exhibitors stands and Artisan market in Market Square.

Lunch  Р salads and sparkling drinks.

Interactive seminar with Craig Goldblatt…A passionate, motivational speaker asking us to challenge life!

We rounded off our day with a very informative chat with Sandra Silk, who was supporting the Salisbury FSB stand.

Salisbury, Guildhall, Sandy on the beautiful stairway

Sandy Evans, Director of PA To Go on the beautiful stairway at The Guildhall, Salisbury

Salisbury, Guildhall, Sandy and Jane.

They had the red carpet out for us at the Guildhall, Salisbury – Sandy & Jane

Salisbury, Guildhall, Sandy and FSB

It was such a sunny day! Sandy chatting with the FSB

Salisbury lunch

Lunch time! Warm bacon & stilton salad, warm chicken & bacon salad – very nice!

Salisbury, Guildhall, Chandelier

Beautiful! – reminded me of the sketch in “Only Fools and Horses”! …. Remember?

Salisbury drinks

Refreshing lunchtime drinks

Salisbury Bry's cupcakes

Great looking cupcakes, baked by Bry – we resisted the temptation….this time!


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